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  • Brian Berman- CEO Expo90

The Abraham Accords- Israel and the Arab World renew a historic relationship

עודכן: 15 בפבר׳ 2021

For hundreds of years, the Jewish communities lived in harmony with their Arab neighbors in many countries- stretching from Morocco in the West to Iraq in the East. The two communities engaged in commerical and social ties, while each community maintained its unique culture and traditions.

With the establishment of the State of Israel, a large number of Jews living in the Arab states, moved to Israel. They brought with them their unique traditions, and language which incorporated both Hebrew and Arabic.

Today the historic relationship has been renewed in the Abraham Accords, that has resulted in the renewal of ties with Morocco, Sudan, UAE and Bahrein, and unsigned ties with other Arab states.

Commerical relations have moved ahead rapidly with the UAE, and numerous delegations have begun the process of strengthening the relationships.

Expo90 will be taking part in the process and will act as a pipeline for businesses to present their opportunities and to engage with potential partners.

We invite the business communities in all countries to forward their proposals to be included in the dedicated Business Opportunities section on the website.

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